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The delegation of Singapore CG industry visits the Crystal Institute

02月 12th, 2009

The delegation of Singapore CG industry visited the Crystal Institute and had a discussion with the supervisor of the institute. The delegates consisted of the leader from EA, Lucas Film, UBI, Singapore Polytechnic, and other famous colleges and workshops. When they saw the student showcases and learned about the production-based teaching, they wish to cooperate with the Crystal Institute and hire more talented Chinese students in the future.

Working Abroad : Interview with the graduates from Crystal Institute

02月 12th, 2009


Zhang Xu,graduated from Movie Animation Class 17 in Crystal Institute, works as animator at Sparky Animation Studio in Singapore.

Liu YuanYuan

Liu YuanYuan, graduated from Movie Animation Class 2 in Crystal Institute, works as animator at Sparky Animation Studio in Singapore.

Q: Would you like to tell us about the life in Singapore? You know, few Chinese students have the same opportunities to work abroad.
A: I soon get into the way of Singapore although I grew up in North China. Because it is warm the whole year, it is convenient to have only two clothes.

Q: what is the cost of living in Singapore?
A: The cost of living is not so high. There are many Chinese restaurants. I am used to eating the set lunch. It is cheap, about 3.5 Singapore Dollars. I can save about five or six thousand RMB per month after I pay for the rent and foods.

photo at Sparky

Q: How long have you worked in Singapore? What is the most spectacular finding of working at Sparky Animation?
A: We just came to Singapore three months ago. We have a lot of valuable experience although it is just a short period. In China, there are always many shots to finish. On the contrast, we could discuss directly with the director of the feature animation. So we could learn much and made a big leap in our skills. For example, the director we are now working with is the Junior Williams, the son of the author of The Animators’ Survival Kit. Of course, our spoken English is improved too.


About Sparky Animation:
Sparky Animation (http://www.sparkyanim.com)worked for the feature animation Shi Jie, including crowd animation, fluid simulation and other VFX effects. They maintain the rapid development these years.